Chef Training Schools

Are you trying to decide between chef training and culinary arts? Chef training is a popular program for many new culinary students. This degree is more specialized than culinary arts because it is tailored to the career path of an executive chef. You can generally earn a chef training certificate in one year, an Associate’s degree in two years, or a Bachelor’s degree in four years.

Skills You Need

It’s important to already have some culinary experience under your belt before attending a chef training, since this program is meant for students who already know something about cooking. You don’t need to know all the different culinary terms and techniques, but you should feel somewhat comfortable in a kitchen. It’s important to have a good palate that allows you to distinguish between different types of food, to have a sense of what foods go together, and to know basic cooking techniques like steaming, broiling, and roasting.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn the skills you need to be a successful executive chef, from working on the line to the business aspects of being a chef. Some classes prepare you for line chef duties by teaching you knife skills, time management, and how to work as part of a kitchen team.

In addition to advanced kitchen skills, you can plan on learning information that will set you apart from other chefs. Courses like Food Theory and Menu Creation help you learn how to create menus and dishes that are balanced, delicious, and visually appealing.

Business courses you may take include Food Cost Management and Kitchen Management. These courses can serve you well whether you plan on working as an executive chef or as a restaurant owner.

Career Opportunities

After you earn your degree in chef training, you can begin applying for chef jobs at local restaurants. Although you likely have the skills and knowledge of an executive chef, you’ll probably have to start out as a line chef until you get a reputation. However, once you reach the level of executive or head chef, you can earn a very competitive salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that chefs earn an average salary of $42,480 per year.