Associations for Culinary Schools

There are many culinary associations in the United States and abroad. Membership in these organizations can help you become more well-known in the field, find job openings, and network with other chefs.

If you want to do good with your culinary skills, CulinaryCorps can help you reach communities in need by setting up volunteer opportunities to impoverished communities.

American Pie Council
This fun council sets out to preserve pie heritage and encourage the enjoyment of pies across the country.

National Confectioners Association
The National Confectioners Association promotes pastry and dessert chefs that work with candy, gum, and snack foods.

World Association of Chefs Societies
This Association gives members access to a variety of chefs societies all over the world.

Research Chefs Association
If you are interested in culinology, the research of food and food technology, the Research Chefs Association can help you learn more about the science of food.

American Culinary Federation
The American Culinary Federation offers special educational opportunities and networking events to its 20,000+ chef members.

International Association of Culinary Professionals
This association, which is part of the Culinary Hall of Fame, is meant to help chefs all over the world, no matter what capacity they work in.

Chefs Collaborative
Fresh, local, and seasonal food is the focus of this national group.

James Beard Foundation
The James Beard Foundation promotes the culinary arts all over the country from its base in New York.

Slow Food
Slow Food impresses upon the need to use and cultivate food in a responsible, environmentally-friendly manner.